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Technology in Autism Treatment Part 1: Teaching Apps

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LEVEL: Intermediate and Advanced

This 120-minute recorded webcast will review various apps that are available for free download or purchase that are currently on the market for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Information will be provided to discuss what developmental profile may benefit from using the app and what skills different apps can assist in developing. Literature is provided to support the variety of teaching methods. This webcast is designed for teachers, paraprofessionals, BCaBA's and BCBA's working with person's with autism, other professionals working with individuals with ASD, and parents.

 It is only until recently that technology has been introduced to assist with behavior change. There are countless teaching apps that have been developed for individuals with autism that can be used on a variety of portable devices such as the iPod, iPad, or Android. With this sudden wave of teaching apps also comes the unknown. How do I know what options are available to me? How do I know which one to buy? Is it worth the money? Will this app do what I want it to?

While there is little research about teaching apps and the impact they have on the behavior of individuals with autism, there has been much research done on the methodologies that are utilized within each teaching app. With the support of technology, interventions can be easily and consistently applied. In addition, the use of technology can provide social and community inclusion, age-appropriate leisure activities, and an increased quality of life in individuals with autism (Kagohara, Sigafoos, Achmadi, van der Meer, O'Reilly, and Lancioni, 2011).


Upon completion of Technology in Autism Treatment (Part 1 of 4 series): Teaching Apps, participants will:

  • List a variety of teaching apps that are currently available to individuals with autism.
  • Identify the developmental profile that would benefit from using specific teaching apps.
  • Learn about treatment efficacy as it relates to teaching apps.
  • Utilize teaching apps within behavior change procedures.


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