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Supervision Webinar Training Series: What Makes a Great Supervisor (Recorded)

Price: $79.00

We will identify the minimum pre-requisite competencies and personal characteristics Supervisors must possess as a Minimal Viable Clinician (MVC) and... as a “great” supervisor. We will introduce the concept of Minimum Viable Clinician (MVC)...  a clinician with the skills and knowledge to be able to effectively deliver quality ABA services across different settings - and how to develop those competencies in order to help shape their supervisees to enable them to reach a level of competence sufficient to credibly and effectively maintain the integrity of the field of behavior analysis. 

As of July 2019, the field has nearly 100,000 BACB certificants in the world. Of those, 62,000+ are RBTs who require 5% of their hours supervised by a BCBA (or BCaBA and BCBA-D). Due to the explosive growth we’ve seen in the field of behavior analysis, we are experiencing unintended consequences, some of which are leading to degradation in the quality of supervision. It is critical that supervisors shape their behaviors now to maintain the integrity of the field.

Learning Outcomes:

  • List the pros and cons of an augmenting field
  • Identify a supervision framework to shape ethical and qualified practitioners
  • Design a holistic and effective supervision program

Webinar Details:

Date of Broadcast: 11/12/2019

Time: 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm Central


  • Dr. Ronnie Detrich, BCBA-D
  • Dr. Noor Syed, BCBA-D
  • Jacob Sadavoy, BCBA

Price: $79.00 (Includes CEUs)

CEU Eligibilibilities:

  • BACB® -  2 Supervision or 2 Type II (Learning)
  • QABA® - 2 General or 2 Supervision

Level: Advanced


This session is part of our Behavior Analyst Supervision Webinar Training Series 2.0 which contains 5 individual modules (4 of which are recorded) that provide 7 hours of training. And 1 additional LIVE Webinar modules on  What Makes a Great Supervisor brings the total training hours to 9. 

The goal of this supervision series was to exceed the minimum requirements set forth in the Supervision Curriculum 2.0. We accomplished this by beginning with this LIVE Webinar that lays the foundation with a module on What Makes a Great Supervisor? 


Topics in this series include: 

Supervision Webinar Training 2.0: What Makes a Great Supervisor? (LIVE on 11/12/19)

Module 1: Nuts and Bolts: Changes in BCBA Supervision Requirements (Recorded)

Module 2: Nuts and Bolts of BCBA Candidate and RBT Supervision (Recorded)

Module 3: Behavior Skills Training /Parent Training (Recorded)

Module 4: Ethics and Performance Feedback (Recorded)



**This training program is based on the BACB Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline (2.0) but is offered independent of the BACB. 

Each purchase corresponds to 1 user license/access. Only the user assigned to a subscription will be able to participate in the lives, receive the recorded version and obtain CEUs from the webinars.
Access to the recorded version is valid for 1 month.

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