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Supervision Milestone Task Analysis Assessment & Monitoring Tool (4th Edition): image 1

Supervision Milestone Task Analysis Assessment & Monitoring Tool (4th Edition)

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LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced


The field of behavior analysis has been undergoing a period of tremendous change. Some of these changes have the potential to transform the field into one of global recognition and standing; whereas other changes can delegitimize all the hard work, dedication and efforts to which the founders of the field and parents of children with autism or related disorders have dedicated their entire lives --  paving the path for the next generation of providers and recipients of ABA intervention.

At Special Learning, we have always believed the single greatest factor in ensuring and maintaining quality in the field of behavior analysis is quality supervision! With great supervision, the profession can continue to add Minimal Viable Clinicians™ (MVCs™) who are qualified, competent BCBAs to the field, who in turn, will continue to develop equally qualified, competent BCBAs. Conversely, those pursuing credentialing who received less than quality supervision would then themselves become supervisors and perpetuate the downward spiral in quality service provisions.

We believe that understanding the science of behavior has the potential to maximize the benefits of teaching in all situations, including the supervised fieldwork experience. The Supervision Milestone Task Analysis Assessment and Monitoring Tool was created to assist supervisors and supervisees in the development and implementation of supervised fieldwork that is truly behavior analytic. As such, the supervised fieldwork experience and its oversight must adhere to the description proposed by Baer, Wolf, and Risley in their 1968 article “Some Current Dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis”.

This tool was designed for supervisors to guide supervisees in meeting mastery criteria to become an effective, ethical and competent Behavior Analyst, as is similar to other curriculum-based assessment tools. This project was in development for 4 years with input from many BCBAs® across the world. 

By using this system, you will be able to track specific behavior analytic skillsets of your supervisee. These have been identified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board ® as necessary for behavior analysts, making them applied. The skills are clearly defined in terms that are observable and measurable for supervisors making it possible for this behavior change program to be both behavioral and analytic. This assessment includes supplementary materials for use in supervision activities to promote practice in the necessary skill sets, adding technological elements as well. By incorporating these principles into the supervision process, it is ensured that the supervision experience is conceptually systematic and that supervision is effective and promotes generalization of the skills necessary in the practice of behavior analysis.

The Supervision Milestone Task Analysis Assessment & Monitoring Tool task analyzes (sub-domain) the BACB® Fourth Edition Task List (Task List) and Professional & Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts ® (PECC) by each Task List Item and creates an automated scoring across each sub-domain.  In doing so, the Supervisor can analyze the progress of each of their supervisees with ease.  This tool serves 5 functions:

  • Facilitates the initial assessment of Supervisee on current skills and level of mastery across Task List items and sub-domains
  • Allows ongoing assessment and monitoring of skill deficits
  • Calculates scoring automatically to assist the Supervisor to focus on individualized skill development
  • Provides suggested homework and practical examples for a Supervisee to complete
  • Secures and stores completed detailed records of each Supervisee in one-place (i.e. restricted vs unrestricted and assessment method used as outlined by the Task List)

There is a single tenet that ALL BCBA supervisors should live by… 

YOU are the key to the future of the field of behavior analysis




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