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LIVE RBT 40-Hour Online Training Course Series

Price:  $299.00

“Live Classroom Experience from Virtually Anywhere”

COURSE: Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) 40-Hour Course LIVE Webinar Series
LEVEL: Beginner-Intermediate
COHORT #1 START DATE: July 10, 2018 to December 4, 2018

Special Learning's RBT® Live Webinar Training is different from any other RBT training available in the market. We created a product designed for our students to achieve 100% pass rate. This product has been designed to maximize the learning experience of RBT candidates by combining live instructional content combined with an opportunity for students to get assistance real-time. 

Students of our recorded RBT training have achieved 94% pass rate. For those who have taken our Competency Assessment, the pass rate has been 100%. While this is an impressive accomplishment, it's not good enough. 

The structure of our LIVE RBT Training courses delivers content via LIVE webinars over a period of 22 weeks. The webinar format means that students can attend these live session virtually. If a student misses a session, a recorded version will be available for them to catch up to the rest of the class. 

This program utilizes a hybrid instruction model that includes live webinars, recorded webinars, and ongoing fluency builder based upon baseline assessment(s). The objective of our course is to "create" RBTs capable of implementing ABA during and after the course. As such, our course content substantially exceeds the minimum requirements set forth by the BACB®.

Our program provides students with and highly engaging and interactive learning experience that combines live interactive sessions, recorded videos and instruction in real-time with access to feedback and receive ongoing personalized coaching. As each learner has a different style of learning, we incoproate evidenced-based ABA  methodolgies based on the theory of learning to increase the student's ABA repretiore to reach and maintain mastery criteria.

Built in ABA Methodolgy within Live RBT® Program:

  • Baseline Exams and Post Exams
  • Video-modeling to teach how-to implement ABA strategies
  • Active Student Responding (ASRs) to build fluency
  • Use of Behavioral Skills Training and Self-Monitoring Techniques
  • Coaching with a practicing Behavior Analyst

Here is the line-up of sessions (click on the link to learn more about each session):


The Registered Behavior Technician™ (RBT®) credential is an internationally recognized credential for individuals implementing ABA programs. This credential is issued by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board™ (BACB®), an international organization that governs the field of behavior analytics and certifies Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs®). Go here to learn more:

Individuals who complete our training will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to accurately implement applied behavior analysis techniques and strategies with a high degree of treatment fidelity. Our objective is to create practitioners that can effectively and ethically carry out the duties and responsibility of an ABA practitioner without geographical boundaries preventing individuals from receiving treatment. Along with increase the capacity of RBT® service providers who can pass the BIG EXAM on their 1st attempt.

NOTE: It is the candidate's responsibility to understand and stay current on the RBT® requirements. While we will strive to provide information regarding updates, it is ultimately the candidates' responsibility to understand and adhere to the requirements to become a credentialed Registered Behavior Technician™.

The most current BACB® Registered Behavior Technician™ requirements are as follows: 
(1) High school diploma or equivalent (via transcript)
(2) Over 18-years of age
(3) Criminal background check (must be conducted within 45 days of completion of the 40-hour training)
(4) 40-hour training (MUST meet the RBT® Task List requirements and completed within 180 days)
(5) Competency Assessment conducted by a BC(a)BA®
(6) Pass the RBT® Exam (Note: This exam MUST be taken at one of 400+ Pearson VUE Testing centers) -- NOTE: Click on the "Find the Test Center" link on the right panel of the site. 



RBT® Credential Renewal Requirements:

In order to maintain your RBT® credential, 5% of the of time you spend delivering behavior analytic services MUST be supervised by a Board Certified (assistant) Behavior Analyst™ (BCBA®) monthly. If you complete the Competency Assessment through Special Learning, upon initial application with the BACB®, our Assessor may be listed as the Responsible Certificant for a period of 14 days upon completion of the Competency Requirement. We strongly suggest that you identify a permanent BCBA® supervisor prior to filing your RBT® application with the BACB®.   

If you do not have access to a BCBA® supervisor, Special Learning offers virtual supervision on a case-by-case basis.

Note: You can purchase the course and request a later start date. However, this start date should not be later than 3 months from date of purchase.

Please be advised that this product is not downloadable.

Mandatory Disclaimer: This training program is based on the Registered Behavior Technician™  (RBT®) Task List and is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the RBT credential. This program is offered independent of the BACB. Go here to obtain more information:

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