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Virtual Consultation with a Behavior Analyst (60-minute)

Price: $100.00

As experts in the field of applied behavior analysis, Behavior Analysts are adept at helping children, adolescents and adults help overcome barriers that get in the way of their success. Using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a highly effective methodology to address problem behavior and increase acquisition of skills, our highly trained, experienced Behavior Analysts can help you:  

(1) Identify the functions of behavior to develop a Behavior Plan that can be implemented by a parent or techer to address problem behavior. 

(2) Develop a Academic Skill Acquisition Plan to help teach academic skills.

(3) Develop an Adaptive Skillls Plan to help teach basic everday living skills like toilet training, feeding, sleeping.  

(4) Develop a Social Skills Plan to help teach social skills. 

(5) Provide consultation on an as-needed basis, including representing your child in IEP meetings or advocating for your child to receive appropriate services. 

Through our V-CAT (Virtual Consultation, Assessment and Therapy) program, our Behavior Analysts can virtually develop and manage an ABA program for your child or student by working in close collaboration with you. 

Contact for a 30-minute complementary consultation session.

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