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Level 2 ABA Training Library: image 1

Level 2 ABA Training Library

1 Month Access 
Price: $39.00

LEVEL: Intermediate

Special Learning's Intermediate Autism and ABA Training Library will give you a month access to the 8 individual training webcasts from our Level 2 ABA Online Training Course. The library format provides the flexibility to view any webcast topic in any order without having to complete the pre, post, and final exam such as in the Level 2 ABA Online Training Course.

Each session is 1.5 to 2 hours in length.

Webcast titles include:

  • Ensuring Treatment Integrity webcast Remove
  • Peer-mediated Interventions: More Than Just Play Skills webcast Remove
  • The Use of Preference Assessments in Applied Settings webcast Remove
  • Social Skills Part 2: Elementary Social Skills Predictors of future success webcast Remove
  • Video Modeling and Video Prompting as a Treatment Intervention webcast Remove
  • Social Skills Part 1: Toddler to Preschool Social Skills webcast Remove
  • Strategies to Increase Beginner Classroom Participation Skills: Decreasing Problem Behavior with a FBA: Part 2 - The Intervention and Behavior Support Plan webcast Remove
  • Severe Problem Behavior

Note: This product does not entitle the purchaser to any certificate of completion.
         This product is not downloadable.

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