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Training on the BACB Autism Task List Sections A & E: image 1

Training on the BACB Autism Task List Sections A & E

Price: $39.00

CEU: 1 Type II


This webinar will identify the historical timeline of autism spectrum disorders including key treatments, advocates and legislation, clinicians and researchers, and families attempts to access funding and services. We will also discuss the following: current and local cultural conditions influencing treatment choices for autism; explain myths, fads, and controversies to consumers and the public; and movements, legislation, and legal issues with consumers and the public; development and support strategies to work with families, manage funding and resources, and maintaining public and professional relations. 

This webinar will explore the following:

• Key historical events of autism spectrum disorders

  • Past theories that are no longer relevant
  • Treatment developments
  • Advocacy Efforts

•Cultural views within the autism community

  • Cure autism
  • Individuals not wanting to be cured
  • Developmental disability vs mental health disorder
  • Social economic impact
  • DSM-V update on anticipated changes for ASD

• Myths, fads, and controversies of Treatment

  • The Rainman movie
  • Non-researched based treatments
  • Waiting lists for funding and services and the effects on families.

• Current treatments and theory of causes of autism, including biological and environmental etc.
• Legislation & Legal Issues

  • Affordable Care Act passed July 2010 – how behavioral therapies will be included.
  • PLEAS Case
  • Stress on families going through legislation changes

• Advocacy & Funding Resources

  • How to work with families and support them in case management strategies.
  • Learn about funding mechanisms and assist families in accessing funding streams.
  • Build networks of public and professional relations to support the services you provide and the individuals you serve.

Upon completion of BACB Autism Task List Sections A & E; History and Culture of Autism & Development of Systems and Supports, participants will:

1. Name key components of historical events that have led us to today and the current status of autism spectrum disorders.
2. Understand the myths and fads that have influenced the autism community.
3. Identify strategies to help advocated for treatment, services and funding to support the needs of the autism population.

Regarding Diversity:
The content of the webinar provides information about the history of autism spectrum disorders while developing strategies to help advocate for treatment, services and funding. The content contained in the webinar is wholly inclusive and is effective for individuals with ASD, families and the professionals who service the autism community regardless of gender, race, culture, ethnicity, and economic status.


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Non-Financial - No relevant non-financial relationships exist. Special Learning, publisher of products for SLPs, BCBAs and other professionals, and Step By Step funded this training webcast.

MANDATORY DISCLAIMER:  The Behavior Analyst Certification Board  (“BACB”) does not sponsor, approve or endorse Special Learning or Step By Step, the materials, information or sessions identified herein.

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