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PA (IBHS) Initial Training for BHTs and Behavior Techs (Initial 30 hours): image 1

PA (IBHS) Initial Training for BHTs and Behavior Techs (Initial 30 hours)

6 Months Access 
Price: $129.00

This training course meets the initial 30- hour training requirements set-forth by Pennsylvania (IBHS) for practitioners that work as BHTs, Behavior Techs, RBT®s, etc. who have limited to no experience working with individuals with developmental, mental and other disabilities (to include ASD).  This training is provided in association with Special Learning, Inc who is an approved BACB® ACE® provider (OP-14-2347), QABA® CEU provider, and an APA® CE Sponsor. Professional students who successfully complete this course will have satisfied following Pennsylvania mandated training elements:

(2) Crisis intervention skills, including risk management, de-escalation techniques, and safety planning.
(3) Behavior management skills and coaching.
(4)  Child and adolescent development
(5) Overview of serious emotional disturbance and other behavioral and psychosocial needs of the children, youth and young adults
(6) Professional ethics, conduct, and confidentiality.
(8) Psychotropic medications, including common side effects.

Please note: Professional Students will still be required to complete the following training with an approved provider to fully meet the PA requirements:

(1) Sections 6301—6386 of 23 Pa.C.S. (relating to Child Protective Services Law) and mandated reporting requirements.

Act 31 Online Training provided by University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work  (3 hours)

(7) First aid, universal precautions, and safety.

Must be completed through an approved Provider like ABA Support Solutions as this requires hands-on training (5 hours)

If you are taking this course, you may also be required to complete the following courses:

Additional RBT® 40-hour Course (completed prior to working with clients)
Additional 24-hour Training Sequence Course for those without experience in the field (completed within 6-months of your hire date)

 **Some classes within this course may also be eligible for CE/CEU credits when applicable.

Classes in this course:

1.) Comprehensive Overview of ABA Techniques- Back to the Basics

2.) Severe Problem Behavior

3.) Ensuring Treatment Integrity

4.) Introduction to Human Development

5.) Social Skills Part 1: Toddler to Preschool Social Skills

6.) Social Skills Part 2: Elementary Social Skills Predictors of Future Success

7.) Introduction to Developmental and Mental Health Diagnoses

8.)  Peer-mediated Interventions: More Than Just Play Skills  

9.) Review of Ethics and Changes in Professional and Ethical Compliance Code

10.) Ethics Code Deep Dive: Code Section 2.0 Behavior Analysts’ Responsibility to Clients

11.)  Role of a Behavior Tech and Career Advancement 

12.)  Clinical Review of Common Medications Prescribed and the Positive/Negative Side Effects on Social, Emotional, and Behavioral

If your organization would like a customized program to meet your organization's state-mandated training or other needs, please reach out to our Customer Support Lead, Michelle, at and we will work with you to create a customized solution.