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Level 3: ABA and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) Development and Implementation Course

LEVEL: Beginner and Intermediate

This course involves homework that may require sending video clips to our BCBA. A strong internet bandwith is required. 

Special Learning's ABA and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) Program Development and Implementation course is designed to teach students how to create and implement an ABA intervention program to expand their knowledge and abilities of ABA programming. 

This course delivers training incorporating a combination of videos, situation-based scenarios, and real life examples to deepen a student's knowledge of ABA and how to apply that knowledge in a treatment setting.

This course will teach students the fundamentals of how to create and implement a quality ABA program. Students will learn the mechanics of developing a treatment/intervention plan (curriculum), from intake to generalization and maintenance. The course will utilize real life materials, tools, software and other resources used by teachers and clinicians in the field to ensure continuity of knowledge and a better transition from theory to practice.

Special Learning provides all the materials necessary to successfully complete the Course. These include a handout that can be used to take detailed notes for each session. Throughout the program, additional free resources will be available to enhance your learning.  

The course will begin by reviewing basic ABA principles and strategies to ensure that students possess the foundational knowledge required to move forward in the course. The course will progress over a period of 10 sessions, during which additional training and education will be provided while a mock intervention program is developed and implemented. A final project will conclude the course and provide a benchmark for the knowledge gained.

Course Objectives:

  • To learn about ABA beyond the basic material.
  • To understand methods of teaching supported by research in Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • To be able to complete an intake of a new client, including conducting educational assessments to determine baseline levels.
  • To be able to assess and address behavioral issues.
  • To understand the role and importance of identifying functions of behaviors when treating problem behaviour.  
  • To understand how to write goals and objectives in observable and measurable terms.
  • To create individualized learning plans based on assessments and functional needs of students.

Course Modules:

  • Overview of ABA and Treatment Plans
  • Conducting an Intake
  • Conducting Skills Assessment
  • Creating Treatment plans and Lesson Plans
  • Implementing Treatment plans and Lesson Plans
  • Visual Supports and Prompting
  • Data Collection Procedures
  • Graphing and Interpreting Data
  • Creating and Implementing Behavior Plans
  • Technology in ABA

The course structure is as follows: 

  • After each session, participants will be required to complete a related homework assignment, due no later than one week after the session. 
  • At the end of the training program, you are required to complete a comprehensive final project to demonstrate your ability to build an ABA program.
  • You will have three weeks to complete and submit the final projects, as well as any missing homework assignments in order to earn their Certificate of Course Completion.
  • The final project covers all topics addressed in each learning module.
  • The final projects are graded based on the standard 80-100% mastery criteria.  Projects will be graded by Special Learning BCBA’s and results and feedback will be sent to students approximately one week after submission. 
  • In the event of failure to pass the final project, the student is allowed to redo the project multiple times until he or she demonstrates mastery, within a deadline of one month from original submission. 
  • Successful completion of the course is a mandatory requirement for students to obtain their proof of completion.

CEU Eligibility:

  • Eligible for 10 BACB Type II CEUs

This course is NOT designed to teach students how to replace the role of an experienced BCBA. We STRONGLY recommend that every ABA program be created by, or in conjunction with, experienced, qualified BCBAs.

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Price:  $399.00