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Social Story Curriculum Mega Bundle (23 Individual Titles): image 1

Social Story Curriculum Mega Bundle (23 Individual Titles)

Price: $199.00

Our Social Story Mega Bundle contains 23 individual Social Stories, available in a digital downloadable format, that teach basic skills that children need in home, school and community settings. Teach your child some of life's most basic social skills with this complete tool kit that contains social stories, coloring books, social rule cards and a full instructional guide for teaching basic social skills.

The Social Story Mega Bundle Teaching Kit was designed to teach your child fundamental social skills that will help them be more successful and independent in social settings.

Each Social Story Title includes:

  • Full page colorfully illustrated social story coded by skill(s) and age
  • Full page coloring book to reinforce skills in a fun and positive manner
  • Portable social rule cards to provide additional teaching support when on the go.
  • 20 page instruction guide that provides detailed instructions on how to use social stories as an effective tool to develop critical social skills using ABA-based methods.


  • Simplified and repetitive text allows for easier understanding of basic social skills.
  • Colorful illustrations make learning how to handle common social situations more fun.
  • Contains integrated teaching tools that reinforce important social skills.
  • Includes a full instructional booklet that guides effective teaching.

Skills Taught:

  • Functional communication
  • Basic language
  • Social communication

The products contained in this kit were developed under the guidance of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and follow the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy.

If purchased separately, the value of this kit is valued over $200!

Click HERE to download a list of Social Story titles included in this bundle. 

Note: This product is DOWNLOADABLE ONLY. Purchase does not include hard copies.

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