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ABA Overview: Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis

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The ABA Overview eBook has been developed specifically for those looking to obtain a broad understanding of Applied Behavior Analysis ABA). This book is a must-read for parents of newly diagnosed children and anyone else who loves and provides care for these children, including special education teachers. Each page is full of useful and straight forward information to help you better understand the different ABA approaches used in dealing with the different symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Information is power. The ABA Overview is a great tool to help demystify Applied Behavior Analysis so that you can begin to make informed decisions regarding a child's care. A must read for everybody...

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 – Overview of ABA
  • Chapter 2 – ABA History
  • Chapter 3 – Who Can Benefit from ABA
  • Chapter 4 – What to Expect
  • Chapter 5 – Applied Behavior Analysis Basics
  • Chapter 6 – Applied Behavior Analysis Analysis Strategies
  • Chapter 7 – Applied Behavior Analysis Methodologies
  • Chapter 8 – What a Parent Should Know about Behavioral Programs based on ABA

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