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NOTE: This offer is ONLY valid with purchase of the 'Psychopharmacology and Autism (Recorded)'
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NOTE: This offer is ONLY valid with purchase of the 'Psychopharmacology and Autism (Recorded)'

Psychopharmacology and Autism (Recorded)

Price: $79.00

LEVEL: Intermediate

Continuing Education Eligibility (Included):

(BACB®) 2 Type II 
(QABA®) 2 General (In-person) 
APA: 2 General (Home Study)

Today, 2.8 % of children in the United States are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

This diagnosis can impact a child’s ability to learn, develop friendships and healthy family relationships, and is associated with increased anxiety, obsessive and compulsive thoughts and behaviors, and common concurrent diagnoses of Attention Deficit Disorders, mood disorders, and behavioral problems. Research has uncovered effective treatment strategies, including behavioral, environmental, educational, parental, and psychopharmacological approaches. In our webinar, Psychopharmacology and ASD, we focused on evidence-based assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of ASD, emphasizing behavioral, environmental, educational, parental, and psychopharmacological strategies. Research has shown year after year that the combination of strategies using a team approach has been the most effective in reaching positive treatment outcomes. We also discussed and dispel myths surrounding ASD and discuss the negative outcomes if a child is left untreated. We also explore how ASD is often diagnosed along with other disorders, including learning disabilities and developmental delays, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, Obsessive-Compulsive disorders, intermittent explosive outbursts, and depression.

Presenter: Ronald T. Brown, PhD, ABPP and Deborah P. Coehlo, PhD, C-PNP, PMHS, CFLE
Panelist: Manya Ralkowski, EdS, BCBA/LBA

Learning Objectives:

1. Recognize specific target behaviors associated with the diagnosis of ASD.

2. Explore and discuss the most effective and evidence-based behavior strategies that are seen throughout various developmental stages of treatment for ASD.

3. Evaluate environmental factors that may interfere with positive function in a child with ASD.

4. Discuss the importance of a team approach to the care of a child with ASD across different developmental stages.

5. Identify classes of psychotropic agents which have demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment of ASD.

6. Discuss common medications used in the treatment of ASD, including the indication, mechanism of action, adverse and side effects, and monitoring criteria.

7. Apply knowledge to specific case studies including assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of outcomes.

8. Identify skills required to approach parents about the potential benefits of psychotropic medication for their children.

9. Analyze ethical issues arising during the treatment of a child with ASD and their families.


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