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NOTE: This offer is ONLY valid with purchase of the 'ABA Level 1, 2, & 3 Bundle with Quick Reference Guide'
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NOTE: This offer is ONLY valid with purchase of the 'ABA Level 1, 2, & 3 Bundle with Quick Reference Guide'

ABA Level 1, 2, & 3 Bundle with Quick Reference Guide

Price:  $649.00

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the ONLY researched-based treatment proven to significantly improve the lives of individuals with autism and other special needs. It does so by dramatically decreasing challenging behaviors while increasing skills needed for effective communication, learning, and everyday living.

Special Learning's top educators and therapists deliver exceptional curriculum that you can apply immediately to see dramatic improvements.

Special Learning’s ABA Online Training Course brings you:

Convenient access to webcasts accessible from your computer or mobile device
Proven methods, techniques, strategies, and practical tips
A direct line to our highly trained and experienced practitioners

Using this extensive arsenal of tools, you’ll be able to:Reduce repetitive and unwanted behaviors

Ease your child’s frustrations while improving social skills
Build patterns of good behavior through positive reinforcement
Teach communication skills and multi-step activities like doing laundry
Better understand and empathize with your child’s behavior
Improve your child’s academic success, and much more.


This bundle includes 26 modules that cover the principles, fundamentals all the way through advanced concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis. For parents, paraprofessionals, educators, and professionals of other healthcare disciplines, this bundle provides you a comprehensive training to grow your skills and knowledge at your preferred pace and place.

You Will Learn

Level 1

What is Autism
Overview of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Overview of Teaching Methods
Errorless Teaching and Prompting
Active Responding: Increasing Learner's Motivation and Self-Monitoring
Applied Teaching Methods
Decreasing Problem Behavior with Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA): Part 1 - The Assessment
Increasing Beginner Classroom Participation Skills


Level 2

Treatment integrity
Peer-mediated interventions
Preference assessments
Social skills
Video Modeling and Prompting
Data Graphing
Reducing unwanted behavior


Level 3

ABA Overview
Intake and Assessments
Skills Assessments
Creation of Treatment and Lesson Plans
Implementation of Treatment and Lesson Plans
Visual Supports and Prompting
Data Collection
Data Graphing and Program Maintenance
Behavior Plans
Technology in ABA


How can you benefit? Listen to what our clients have to say…

“I learned more in these nine sessions than I did in my whole master’s program…great course!”

Anna Horr-Huguenin, Teacher, Salem School

“I had the best experience taking this ABA Training Course… I have a 15 year-old son with Autism. I have been impacted by this for 15 years and honestly NOW I am able to understand the challenges/deficits my son exhibits and how to deal with them accordingly to see positive results... I am so grateful for the skills you helped me acquire. My life has been changed.” - 

Morgan Gravely, Parent

“I… learned so many things that I was immediately able to put into practice! As an SLP in a pediatric private practice, I work with many children on the autism spectrum…I found the course to be rich with strategies and tools I can use daily…Thanks again for a great course. I am certainly more confident in the things I do with my clients!” - 

Andrea Van Boven, Lead Speech-Language Pathologist

“I am providing a better service for my clients with and without ASD. The teaching methods are now a part of my educating children and youth mental health clients. I recommend this course to parents and schools who have children with special needs.” – 

Elizabeth Lopez, Case Manager

“… It really helped me tie together a lot of information learned over the years and gave a deeper understanding of the theories and methods behind ABA. Further, it will enable me to more fully participate in all aspects of my son’s program from design through implementation...” - 

Nancy L. Scimeca, Parent

“… I think ALL special education teachers should be required to take it. It opened my eyes to ways special needs students could be included in the regular Ed population, how to decrease problem behaviors that my previous felt hopeless in dealing with…. Thank you!” - 

Erin Berthold, SPED Teacher

Parents, educators, professionals and others in OVER 90 countries have personally benefited from our Level 1 training. Not convinced that this course is not for you? Read More...