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Asking for Help Boy Visual Schedule

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“Asking for Help” Visual Schedule

Knowing when and how to ask for help can be hard for any child. Children with impaired communication skills or social skills may have increased difficulty asking for help appropriately.

Our “Asking for Help” visual schedule provides a concrete roadmap to completing one of life’s most important tasks. This downloadable teaching product uses vivid and colorful illustrations along with written descriptions of each sequential step to keep children engaged through the learning process. The simple, ready to use, portable format includes an instruction card to ensure accurate assembly and implementation of the schedule, even for those unfamiliar with ABA instruction techniques.

This teaching tool reinforces the following skills:

·         Communication Skills

·         Social Skills

·         School Readiness


The Special Learning “Asking for Help” visual schedule and its contents can be downloaded for immediate use. This includes:

·         8 ½ x 11 in. colorful visual schedule with cut apart picture icons

·         Visual Schedule and Token Economy Instruction Booklet

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